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Apostle Chazdon & Prophetess Emily Stickland

Senior Leaders

Chazdon  Strickland is a loving husband to his beautiful wife Emily and a father to his 4 children.  After, an encounter with God, he was called to carry a global fire to the nations.  Chazdon's Ministry is marked with remarkable demonstrations of Gods power, revelation of The Kingdom, Apostolic Signs, & Wonders, and Fresh Impartation to advance believers in the things of God. Emily walked down the tough road of low self-esteem for 10 years.  She was radically changed after finding Jesus Christ.  Emily is an example of God's power being able to transform anyone's life.  She is a voice of healing to women that have gone through traumatic experiences.  Her goal is to uplift and empower women through the word of God and see them walking forward out of pain, shame and rejection and into bold confidence.